11 January 2012

moving on up... and over to monterey park.

A glimpse into my very exciting personal life... early alert, this also means I might go through a period of "missing in action" as we're packing and moving our sh!t in mid-to-late January, so bear with me.  :)

Also a great excuse for a MOVING SALE at Anna Delores Photography!  The entire shop is 25% off.

lost angeles: Took a big step yesterday, so big it hasn't hit me yet: I signed a lease on a house I'll be moving into with my boyfriend. Yikes!

Not much to look at... yet...


  1. Congratulations!! I try hard not to use more then one exclamation point, but that is very exciting. I can't wait until we can afford to look for houses. And I wish you luck with packing. I just moved at the end of October, second big move of my life. It's tough, but worth it. And it's amazing some of the things you find! Keep positive thoughts and remember why you're doing it.

  2. Thanks for the encouragement! It's such a dramatic life event. I haven't packed a single box yet and I'm already dreading it. :/ Positive thoughts...!


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