13 September 2012

photography // JoTotes: beautiful Betsy bag.

Last week's mail was SO EXCITING when the nice postman brought me my lovely new camera bag from JoTotes!  I'd been swooning over the Betsy bag in mustard for a few weeks, and after selling my formerly-beloved Epiphanie bag (my Lola, although gorgeous, was just too cumbersome for running around a wedding), I was ready to invest.

I went back and forth trying to decide if mustard was right for me -- I love the color but it occurred to me (actually, it occurred to my boyfriend) that maybe brides and grooms wouldn't want their photographer running around with a brightly-colored bag of gear.  After a quick survey on Twitter and Facebook, my hopes that most modern brides would be okay with a colorful bag were confirmed, so I decided to ditch the boring black in favor of lovely mustard Betsy.

THEN, JoTotes threw a wrench into my scheme and introduced a new color in Betsy: teal.  Eeek!  I had an important decision to make.

I went with the teal.  And I'm so glad, because it's SO beautiful!

It is truly the PERFECT size for me in a true messenger style so I can still squeeze past wedding guests and maneuver through venues without knocking over, well, everything (that didn't actually happen, but I could certainly see it in my future with my other, much bulkier bag).  The depth is just right and the bag opening after you toss the flap aside is flexible and easy to work with.  This was important to me as another bag I tried first seemed to have a narrower opening, making it difficult for me to look inside and grab what I need quickly.

Coincidentally, JoTotes is also offering Anna Delores readers a $30 gift certificate to use on any of their lovely bags-so-cute-you-almost-forget-they're-for-your-camera!  All you have to do is "like" JoTotes on Facebook (and let me know you did so on the entry page over here).

What do you think of colorful camera bags (and don't let my recent purchase influence your answer, haha!).

Enter the giveaway before next Wednesday for $30 off a JoTotes camera bag, and good luck!

P.S. Linking up with Lish here. :)  

Note: I purchased the JoTotes Betsy camera bag myself; the opinions reflected in this post are mine alone and were not influenced by JoTotes.


  1. I love this bag, so pretty. Just bought the Canon 600D for my husband for his Birthday and am now looking for pretty bag for it - ewww the standard Canon bags are so ugly!! I don't think I could get away with him rocking this beautiful teal number though Emily :o) xx

  2. Always wanted a Jo totes but with only having a bridge camera I don't have all the lenses that have to go with a camera. Although i'm sure I could fill up the space in other ways knowing me haha.

  3. I love it! I just bought a jototes bag too and don't love it. I should have picked this one :).

  4. I LOVE Jo totes! I have a cute vintagey bag that works for now, but I hope to get a Jo tote in the future!

  5. I love the teal! Excellent choice.


  6. Love the teal! Perfect choice :)


  7. i love it! liked it on facebook, also!


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