25 September 2012

life // week in review: Instagram

My week can be summed up in a few words:  

iPhone 5.

I FINALLY finished editing the remainder of Alex's boudoir images, and not a moment too soon: on Thursday, I drove to Bakersfield for another boudoir session with Vanessa, who is getting married this weekend and wanted to take some photographs to give to her soon-to-be-husband on their wedding day!  We took some great shots (see another one here).

My iPhone 5 arrived on Friday afternoon.  I left the front door and back door open (screen doors still closed so the dogs wouldn't escape!) and sat on the edge of my computer chair all morning waiting for the FedEx truck to pull up to the curb.  I even left Starbucks without coffee because I saw a FedEx truck driving in the direction of my house and I didn't want to miss him (turned out MY FedEx delivery came about three hours later, haha!).

I also have to insert some commentary here about Apple: I think it's very, very strange that the Apple Store didn't have ANY iPhone 5 accessories.  NONE.  I'd seen a few on the Verizon website when I pre-ordered my iPhone, so I just assumed that if Verizon had them, Apple would, too.  Nope.  Zuma and I visited the Apple Store in Pasadena on Friday (I felt a little smug walking past the long line of people with my new iPhone already in hand.  I know, I'm a jerk).  Anyway, they really didn't have anything for the iPhone 5!  No screen protectors, cases, nada.  My mom and I went to the Verizon store on Sunday and picked up two cases, screen protectors, and a car charger for the new iPhone.  I'm genuinely perplexed that Verizon would have these accessories but Apple does not.  With so much hype around the new iPhone, why wouldn't Apple also capitalize on the opportunity to sell the swag that goes with it?  I myself have sold eight iPhone 5 cases on Etsy in the past week.  If someone knows why Apple didn't have accessories available as quickly as Verizon, please let me know!  Like I said -- genuinely perplexed.

Anyway, here's the rest of my week according to Instagram:

1. Iced coffee at Panera to get me through a work-filled Monday
2. Got TWO flat tires en route to pick up my parents at LAX last weekend. The plate that I (and 6 other drivers) hit put a hole in the RIM!
3. Editing boudoir photos
4. Uglydolls at Toys "R" Us
5. Boo shows off her chompers (and her underbite)
6. Dogfish Head's seasonal (and kinda hard to find) Punkin Ale, taken with my new fisheye iPhone lens from Photojojo
 7. The wait is over: my new iPhone 5 arrived via FedEx on Friday!
8.  More boudoir editing, just in time for this bride to gift the images to her groom this weekend
9. Thou shalt not covet... unless we're talking about Seychelles boots
10."Marbled" nail polish (not so much, but still a pretty color)

P.S. LAST DAY left to enter this giveaway from The Pleated Poppy!


  1. I go to panera bread a lot and I have never had their iced coffee. The one in your picture looks so yummy. I will be trying one soon.

    I am a follower of your blog and would love to have you over on my blog.

    Dreams Do Come True


  2. that is weird about apple not having accessories? so is the iphone5 amazing?

  3. I love panera bread! looks like so much fun!


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