10 September 2012

lacquered up // non-toxic Scotch Naturals

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Last week, I tried Acquarella's "Vex," a metallic, gunmetal gray shade, to fulfill my promise back in June to review some of these odorless, chemical-free polishes.  This week, I bring you Scotch Naturals in "Flying Scotsman."

As usual, I couldn't resist going without some flair in my manicure, so for my accent nail on my ring finger, I used Sally Hansen's Salon Effects nail polish strips in "In the Spot-Light," a matte white with black polka dots.

Just like last week, I was surprised by the color when the polish arrived.  I tell ya, I can't buy nail polish online -- I can never tell the color correctly!  :)  It's just that the blue was a little brighter than I thought it would be.

My review: Just like Acquarella last week, Scotch generally held up to its odorless claims.  This water-based polish is non-toxic as they are "3 free," which I wish they actually explained on their website; if you're not "in the know" and on a first-name basis with the icky ingredients in regular nail polish, you're not sure what the heck "3 free" means.  It means that there is no formaldehyde, phthalates, or petrochemical solvents in your nail polish.  Scotch is also free of ethyl acetate, butyl acetate, nitrocellulose, acetone, and heavy metals.  

I said it last week and I'll say it again: I think we can all agree that products without something like formaldehyde are a good idea, yes?  They also make Hopscotch, a line of kid-friendly polish.  Love!

Now, I wouldn't call this polish COMPLETELY without fragrance.  Whatever acrylate copolymers are, they have a slight smell to them.  Still, this is a big improvement over your typical stinky nail polish.  Scotch is also vegan, cruelty-free, gluten-free, paraben-free, hypoallergenic, and biodegradable.  Woo hoo!

     ♥ Pros: mostly fragrance-free, goes on like any other polish, chemical-free, non-toxic, vegan, AMAZING selection of colors, and they offer a kids' version.  I also love their branding and packaging.  And the shipping was pretty fast, too -- I ordered on a Monday and it arrived on Thursday.

     ♥ Cons: expensive ($14.99 a bottle), not widely available in stores (I found one nearby in Los Angeles, but it only carries the kids' Hopscotch line), and NOT long-lasting, as the website claims -- this polish comes RIGHT off, even when you use top coat.  I didn't love that.  It's also not very thick; I did two coats but could still see through it in bright light.

     ♥ Verdict: I would recommend Hopscotch for your little ones (I'll be getting them for my nieces as soon as they're old enough to know what nail polish is!), but I have a hard time justifying $14.99 on a bottle of polish (plus shipping!) that is well-branded with a lovely website, but falls a bit short in terms of product performance.  I would love to try other Scotch colors, but my wallet just can't take it for now.

Has anyone else tried this polish?  What did you think?

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The review of Scotch Naturals nail polish, as well as Acquarella last week, is completely my own opinion.  I was not incentivized by Scotch Naturals or Acquarella to try their products; I bought these polishes and test-drove it all by myself!  :)

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  1. That's such a bummer about the performance of the nail polish! Boo. But at least I know thanks to you Emily!! :)


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