02 January 2013

wear // emerald: the color of 2013

I'm swooning over Pantone's early December announcement that the 2013 color of the year is none other than emerald green.

{ via Pantone }

I'm really smitten with this color; I had a crush on it anyway and then Pantone shone a direct spotlight on it, and it was all over for me. 

Here's all the emerald I'm loving to wear lately...

These mittens-into-fingerless-gloves (from Target)

Julep polish in "Emilie" (coincidence? I don't think so.)

I'm also head over heels for this styled winter wedding inspiration with emerald accents from Ruffled.

{ via Ruffled // photos by Dallas Curow }

I've even curated a Pinterest board to celebrate my newfound love of emerald!  I might be a little out of control.
How are you feeling about emerald?

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  1. Such a beautiful color! I love that nail polish color. And that bottle sweater, ah so divine!

  2. So beautiful!! Stopping by from Sugar and Dots- just wanted to say hello. :) Have a wonderful week and a very happy 2013! XO

  3. I LOVE it :) made a Pinterest board for it too!!

  4. I'm really love this color too! I think you have to be a little bit more careful when you use it, unlike tangerine last year (which was everywhere and definitely got old). Emerald is such an elegant color, but you can't use it everywhere! Less is more when it comes to this one, which I love :)

  5. Love that nail polish look!


  6. Usually I am a black, white, and grey girl... but I am with you - lately I have been finding some great colors that I have been wearing more of. I love emerald and I bet it looks beautiful on you with your brown hair!

  7. I just blogged about the same thing on Wednesday! I LOVE emerald green! I think it's a great choice and much more timeless than their past colors. Love that you have an entire board. I'll have to check it out!


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