06 January 2013

life // sunday shame.

Have you ever sent someone an e-mail (or text message, left a voicemail, etc.) and gotten annoyed when the person didn't respond or otherwise acknowledge that you contacted him/her?  It's especially frustrating when it's a business contact.

A couple of weeks ago I was all bent out of shape that someone I e-mailed didn't get back to me on a time-sensitive issue.

This evening, I was sorting through e-mails and noticed a teensy tiny little folder at the bottom of my Thunderbird nav bar.  Guess what that folder was called?  "Outgoing mail."  Guess what's in it?  E-mails that didn't get sent for some reason or another (i.e. when I pressed the "send" button, my Internet was experiencing a random, rare case of the hiccups) and get shoved into the folder as a sort of "limbo" between being a draft (a folder I check all the time) and a sent item. 

There were only five e-mails in that folder between August 2012 and today.  Four of them were inconsequential.  The fifth one was the above-mentioned e-mail to a business contact, the very same I was irritated with two weeks ago when I didn't get a reply.


How goes your Sunday?


  1. I did that yesterday at work. I was doing inventory and thought my staff didn't fill the product on the shelf. I made a big fuss about it and realized that they were just on a different shelf. Def an oops moment and I had to retract my previous rant about them not being filled. Oh well. Moving on.

    xoxo Amber
    Obviously Obsessed

  2. I don't know that I've ever done than exactly but I get REALLY annoyed when people don't respond to my emails if they are direct. I feel liek they could at least have the decency to respond, "NO" or I have no time or something. It;s one of my biggest pet peeves actucally!

  3. oh wow that sucks! i get really irritated when people don't reply, usually its when i'm trying to work out something with book reviews. as i have to seek out the books i review when publicists don't email back quickish then i get annoyed.


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