28 January 2013

lacquered up // neon

I started noticing neon nails as a trend a couple of years ago, but I feel like summer 2012 saw the popularity of these bright manicures rise drastically, and the trend has continued into winter.

I'm actually enjoying the neon fashion trend a lot more as a winter punch of color (compared to the all-over neon saturation of summer looks).  It means neon is an accent rather than the main event (which kinda makes it the main event, no?).  This means neon shoes, scarves, jewelry, and -- you guessed it -- nail polish.

A few of my favorite polish manufacturers, including Julep, have some great polish options for experimenting with neon shades.  Julep's January "Resort" collection offers a smattering of fun options, including "Fiona" (the neon lime I'm wearing below, with Julep nude accent "Teresa" and chevron nail stickers by "Nailed It").

So, the neon polish bug has bitten me (finally, after months and months of feeling a little dubious of such an "eighties-inspired" a look).  In the mail to me at this very moment are a couple of bright yellow and green neon shades from American Apparel, and I scooped up a few more of Julep's neons, too.  I haven't tried "Bethany" (a neon orange creme) yet, but I have tested "Nikki" and as much as I love Julep, "Nikki" isn't quite as Day-Glo neon as I was hoping for; it's more of a medium shade of yellow.  That's where American Apparel's neon yellow comes in (that's the one that's en route -- I'll let you know how it looks once I try it out!).

What are your thoughts on neon nails?  Have you tried them before?  Would you?

I am so honored to be co-hosting Mani Monday with Heather & Heather today!  Add your links to nail polish posts in the link-up below!


  1. Isnt it interesting how much 80s style fashion is coming back in style right now!? I have not worn neon myself (yet) but I too am loving the look!

    Thanks for hosting! (i linked up!)

  2. I'm noticing this trend this year as well...and I'm not quite sure I'm ready to embrace it but kudos to you for rockin' it :) Saying hi from our Saucy Friend's blog, Aunie!!

  3. Love the green - seems like such a fun color for spring and would work great for St. Patrick's Day! :)

  4. I love the bright green polish with the chevron print. So super cute!!!

  5. Neon Nails are always Fun!


    Danielle Faith

    PS: Found you on Jessica Who? <3.


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