11 January 2013

life // week in review.

It's been awhile since I've posted a week in review, which means I had lots of Instagram images to choose from!  Here are my favorite highlights from the past couple of weeks...

1. Preview of family photo shoot with Sandy A La Mode!
2. Peach manicure with Julep champagne accent.
3. Ventura Pier.
4. Jimmy Fallon + Fred Armisen #latenightjimmyfallon

5. Lovely afternoon sky.
6. My sweet Mickey, snoozing on my lap while I work.
7. A step toward productivity in the new year...
8. DIY dessert tray from this post.

9. Getting my fill of "Dora the Explorer" with my amazing niece!
10. Coffee is my drug of choice.
11. Chambray day.
12. New manicure, Fossil watch, and iPhone photo app #snapseed

I hope everyone has an incredible weekend!  


  1. bahhh! Instagram makes everything look so lovely! Love your pictures :D


  2. Love me some Fred Armisen and chambray!

  3. Awwwww! Love this post and your blog is amazing... very nice indeed.



    Nothing but a Pigeon

  4. Love your manicure with the golden ring finger!


  5. I love the family shoot preview...I'm getting excited for a family with a 6 month old I'm shooting soon!
    Pretty pretty nails, too :)

  6. Love the nails! So fun :)


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