16 January 2013

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I think one of the worst pieces of wedding planning advice a person can give or receive is to ask a friend or family member to be your wedding photography.  Just don't do it.  If you haven't heard plenty of your own horror stories about so-and-so's uncle who snapped all of 12 frames during the ceremony and then got drunk early in the reception, I can give you references.  So, unless your friend or family member is an actual wedding photographer, resist the urge and make room in your budget for hiring a professional.

That said, there are frequently many moments that may be inaccessible or otherwise missed by the wedding photography (though I will stick up for my second shooter and say that she is AMAZING at catching candid moments among wedding guests!).

Enter the modern-day, smartphone-era equivalent of the disposable cameras in the center of the dining tables at your reception: Wedding Party, the iPhone and Android app your guests can download and use with the images they snap during your wedding day.  Their images are automatically collected in an album for the bride and groom to download, use for a slideshow, or share on Facebook.

I pretty much freaked out when I first heard about Wedding Party -- it just seems to me like wedding (and smartphone app) genius to me!  Maybe I'm just easily impressed, but I still adore the concept.

These folks are even giving away an iPad mini!  Head over to Style Me Pretty for details on how to enter to win (also accessible via their Pinterest board).

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  1. The photographer was the first priority on my list, and besides the venue, my biggest expense. Its your most important day!

  2. Can't wait to use this too! In addition to hopefully a professional photographer that we really like ;)

  3. What a fantastic no fuss concept! Love!


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