02 August 2012

fashion as joy.

I'm Joanna from ModaMama - the sarcastic, and often awkward, style blog of an actor, TV host, and photographer mama trying to live life one fashionable day at a time.  I was honored with the chance to write a guest post, but when I sat down to write it things had really changed in my life.  Two of my best friends have gone through a momentous shift of their entire lives and I'm reeling from the variety of emotions in my life because of it.  So today, I'm writing about fashion, as always, but a little differently.  

Fashion is an entire industry unto itself and sometimes things can be daunting.   But what I want to say today is that none of it matters.  Fashion should be a pleasure and a joy, and it's something that should make you smile.  So here's the moral of today's story:  Life is so short, and full of hardships and changes, that fashion should be your plaything.  

If you want to wear a blue wide leg jumper but think you can't, or you're too old, or whatever, forget that!  Just wear it. 

If you want to wear leopard print, but wonder if it's "you" -- forget that too!  Wear it if you want to and if it makes you happy.  

If you wonder if it's okay to wear a Peter Pan collar, or double braids at the age of 30, just say, "whatever!" and go right ahead.   That goes for ties as well.  Point is, life is stressful and often hard regardless of your sunny disposition or outlook.  Your fashion, your style, shouldn't be another hardship.  It should make you smile, and laugh.  And if that means a few terrible outfit days here or there 'cause you tried something new, so what?  If that's the biggest problem in my life, then I'll consider myself blessed and charmed. 

But honestly, fashion is what brightens my mood and gives me an extra ray of sunshine so that when trouble finds me I'm that much better at facing it.  So to any ladies who are thinking they are in a "rut" or not "fashion forward"  I say don't think of it as something serious or hard.  Think of it as a new toy that can make you smile just a little more.  

Okay, I'm done.  
Thanks for having me!
We now return to our regularly scheduled program.

Visit Joanna on her blog, ModaMama, for more fashion and words of wisdom!  Thanks for guest blogging, Joanna!


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  1. Awesome guest post: and she brings such good advice. Beautiful outfits!


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