23 August 2012

Thursday latelies...

I borrowed Kristina's weekly Thursday theme for this post, as it seemed fitting!

I have been majorly MIA the last few weeks (for which I sincerely appreciate your support and love!) and wanted to update y'all on some happenings in my world.  Are you excited?  ;)

First of all, fall 2012 marks the one year blogiversary of the Anna Delores blog!  The timeline is a little rough and I technically have posts dating back to early 2011 (my very first post EVER was August 2010, so I guess this would actually be my TWO year blogiversary!) but it's been about a year since I really got serious about the identity and post frequency of the Anna Delores blog.

COMING SOON!  Starts Monday, August 27

What that means is that I'm celebrating in a big way with lots of giveaway awesomeness and special features next week and the following week, so I hope you'll come back soon to check it all out (and get your chance at some of the amazing swag we'll be handing out!).  Just to tease you, we're talking gift certificates, ad space from some seriously amazing blogs, jewelry and accessories, and MAYBE even a photo shoot...!  Like I said, come back next week for all the details!  ;)

Next, I wanted to show you some of the stuff I've been working on that's kept me away from blogging.  The business of photographing weddings, engagements, and portraits is coming along, and I've very happily forayed into the realm of boudoir photography!

It is a crazy amount of fun, more so than I expected.  I also recently got some gorgeous new Lightroom presets from VSCO and they are SO MUCH FUN!  This is just a tiny peek at the images I've been editing lately.

More to come VERY SOON, folks!  Again, I appreciate everyone's support and patience... I am so humbled and honored by the love I receive daily from people I've never met in real life.  Your kindness is incredible, and for that I thank you. 


  1. really gorgeous photos! congrats on your blogiversary :).

  2. I love the photos I've seen so far :) And Happy Blogiversary!



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