28 August 2012

Blogiversary special feature: Recap

The last year has been a fun, frantic, exciting, frustrating, learning experience and I'm so glad y'all have been along with me for the ride!  I love coming up with new ideas for blog posts and it's been equally fun and interesting to see what readers are more interested in.

Here is a list of the top blog posts, according to a very non-scientific combination of pageviews and comments, that have appeared on the Anna Delores blog in the last 12 months.  Enjoy the trip down memory lane with me!  :)

10. On trend: Summertime
9.  What to wear for family portraits
8.  Bridal photo shoot
7.  Mani Monday: Accent nail #2
6.  Take, use, focus: photography tips from Sadie Dear
5.  "Paris in Color" by Nicole Robertson giveaway
4.  Chevron makeup bag DIY from Simply Evani
3.  Wedding sign post DIY
2.  Susan Sabo Photography: shelter dogs

And the number one most frequently-visited post on the Anna Delores blog is the ombre manicure tutorial!

Thank you for helping me make the first year of the Anna Delores blog so much fun!

And don't forget to enter the first giveaway of the blogiversary celebration: a free photo shoot for your family, you and your fiance, or just for YOU!


  1. Love the ombre manicure! You've had so many amazing posts!


  2. Awesome list: and so diverse! I never saw the ombré nails tutorial... Now, I have to go check that out! I'd sat, of these, the "what to wear" post was my favorite.

  3. i usually go with like classic and basic clothing for family photos.. but i LOVE the tips and am gonna try and do something with a lot of patterns and rich in color for our next session! :)

  4. Congrats on the last year sweetie! I always love looking at your photographs - always really inspiring!


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