10 August 2012

Glossybox goodies!

I have to share my excitement for the arrival of my August Glossybox!  This will be my first month getting a lovely delivery from Glossybox, but based on the brands included in the last few months, I doubt I'll be disappointed.

Glossybox loot over the last couple of months has included the likes of Burberry, Marvis, Zoya nail polish, Ahava, and Caswell-Massey, among many others (for opportunities to discover new favorites, of course!).

If you're wondering what the heck I'm talking about, here's the low-down: Glossybox curates a monthly box of five luxury travel-sized beauty products (and sometimes full-sized goodies, too!) for subscribers to enjoy.  You can pick up a single month, or sign up for three, six, or twelve month subscriptions to save some coin.  The concept is very similar to Sampler Village or Umba Box, except instead of handmade goodies, Glossybox is all about body and beauty. 

(P.S. If you're into the fun box of surprises, you should also check out LOVE♥CLUB by Heather over at Just Love.ly!)

If you're interested in giving Glossybox a test-drive, they're also offering a sweet deal now through Sunday (August 12): $10 off a three-month subscription, which is normally $60 (a single month is $21).  Just use promo code BEAUTYX3 at checkout!  Not a bad way to get some new goodies in your shower and makeup bag, if you ask me.  Get some!

You can also find Glossybox on Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest.

Do you have any monthly "surprise box" subscriptions?

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  1. Hey chickadee! I got my July box and was disappointed. :/ Maybe you'll have better luck! I decided between this and birchbox I could spend $31 elsewhere!


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