09 August 2012

Friday's letters

Dear Epiphanie camera bag: I love you and I am sorry do this, but we have to break up.  It's not you, it's me -- I'm lusting after a Jo Totes "Betsy" in mustard and I just can't help myself.  I can't afford to keep you both, so I'm sending you out into the world to find a new, loving home.

Dear Moorpark: I have some serious reservations about reuniting with you; the last time we were buddies was 10 years ago, and the prospect of moving back is very strange.  I hope we can make it together because my options are limited!

Dear Canon 5D Mark II: what is that weird unknown object residing in your lens?  It better be fixable or I will freak out.

Dear photography: I'm still smitten.  Now more than ever I'm hoping we can find our way together!  Booking that April 2013 wedding in Murrieta is EXCELLENT progress in the right direction.  I'm also looking forward to all the family and engagement photo shoots we have lined up in the next few weeks!  Woo hoo!

 H a p p y   F r i d a y ,   e v e r y o n e !
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  1. Oh man, I love the Betsy in mustard as well. It would be a beautiful home for your Mark D.


  2. Your blog and your letters are adorable. I am truly excited to read more of your posts :-)

  3. oh, love that bag. Perhaps I need to make a switch as well

  4. Hi there! I'm following you from the Return the Favor blog hop. Stop by and visit soon.
    xo Sandra

  5. A girl can have more than 1 camera bag surely? A summer and winter one. Heck you might need 4 in that case, one for each season :)

  6. Wow, Emily, that is one gorgeous bag! Love this post! Have fun shooting! :)

  7. Beautiful bag!! Happy shooting and have a great weekend! xo Heather

  8. Love these posts! They're one of my favorites on your blog. They always make me smile :)

    Love from Horses of Ares.

  9. The bag is beautiful!



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