07 June 2012

bridal photo session!

I had the EXTREME pleasure of photographing the lovely Alex Rains earlier this week down in Orange County.  This girl is a natural in front of a camera and I will definitely be taking advantage of her beauty and ease again in the future as I build my portraiture portfolio.

Alex married Beau two years ago this October, but she was more than happy to pull her wedding dress out of its bag in the back of her closet for this bridal photo shoot at Soka University in Aliso Viejo.  I'm still editing through the nearly 1,000 frames I snapped (!!) but here is a preview of my favorites thus far.

For more photography goodness, check out the official Anna Delores Photography website & dedicated photoblog.

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  1. These are beautiful! The first black and white one is probably my favorite. They're all gorgeous though!

    xoxo, me

  2. Beautiful photos and you look stunning! Gorgeous dress (: xoxox

  3. Great job! Beautiful pictures.


  4. these pictures are beautiful!! wow you look amazing :D

  5. These are gorgeous! It always helps to have a beautiful model too! Your photography skills are awesome!

  6. Very sweet! Well done--


  7. Wowww these are stunning! I hope my future bridal portraits come out as good as this! :D

    daydream frenzy

  8. Mindblown: not only is she stunning, you are so talented! You're doing exactly what you are meant to be doing. I've said my say.

  9. Beautiful pics! She is so sweet and looks very happy

  10. Beautiful photos! I love the idea of pulling your wedding dress out again, I don't understand how you have the time to snap ALL the photos you want in that dress on your wedding day! Amazing as usual Emily :)

  11. Stunning photos!! Thanks so much for linking up love :)


  12. Oh wow, those are gorgeous! SHE is gorgeous! Thanks for linking up :)


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