05 June 2012

photo shoot: little ones.

Sophia, MacKenzie, and Rowan are my three FAVORITE little girls!  The three of them are so photogenic and a pure joy to hang out with!  I had a lot of fun photographing these little ladies (Sophia, the redhead, and MacKenzie, the blondie, are twins; Rowan is their cousin) on a Sunday afternoon in early June.  Just a preview; more to come!


  1. They really are photogenic! It's great to photograph children - the photos are always so positive and inspiring! Nice photos.


  2. Beautiful photos Emily! I wish you lived nearby, I'm in desperate need of new photos done but I'm so awkward with them. Haha do an entry on how to pose people! :)

    1. That's a great idea, Evani! Post coming soon, haha! And I'd love to photograph you, maybe next time you're headed to Disneyland!


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