16 June 2012

WEAR: back to black.

First of (hopefully) many outfit posts in the works... Starting out a little bit (unintentionally) anti-summer: all black.

rosette headband: c/o Rissy Roo's
black kimono dress: Target
black bandeau: Heavenly Couture
black capri leggings: Old Navy
black gladiator sandals: Cathy Jean
floral post earrings: Brooke Medlin
red lace bracelet: branchbound
lip color: NYX Lip Cream in Spicy

For some reason I've really been fighting backyard self-portraits.  I argued with myself that it takes too much time which, let's face it, after I set up the tripod, snap photos with either my remote shutter or self-timer, run back and forth from the camera to make sure the images look halfway decent, load the images on my computer, edit the photos in LR, and compile the post, it kinda DOES take a long time.  But I don't have to do it all the time, right?  And I promise that in the future, I'll get more creative than all-black basics.  Consider this my outfit-of-the-day test run.

P.S. Like my little pooch Mickey with me in that third photo?  He kept following me back and forth from the camera; he couldn't figure out WHAT the heck I was up to.  :)


  1. Aw Mickey wants his outfits to be featured too!

  2. You look totally GORGEOUS!


  3. You look so lovely! Black or not. I wore black today, too! I especially love the headband: I need one like it. I hope you had fun at the wedding shoot today!

  4. LOVE IT!! Back to black is totes my style, girl so im diggin it! The headband looks great on you!! Xoxo

  5. Aw, you look gorgeous! And I know the pain of self portraits. I don't do it as much as I should because of how long it takes! Too bad we don't live closer, we could take pics for each other! :)

  6. I LOVE the outfit!!

    Thankfully I have kids that I can wrangle into taking my pics for me. And most of the time they turn out OK..... LOL

    I am a new follower! I found you through the Thee Networking Blog Hop at The ArtsyGirl.


  7. So cute! I love the pic with Mickey, too funny. I want to do some style posts but I'm so terribly camera shy... You look great girl!


  8. you look so lovely. Love this outfit and your headband!! :)

  9. The dress looks great on you. Really pretty pictures too!

  10. Some great photos of you... and your cute dog!

  11. I love the close up photos. They are so pretty! And black is always a go-to! Simple and classic!

  12. Love the outfit and scenery. Your dog is so cute, how funny he is to follow you. Pretty lipstick color too!
    Carolyn http://sillyhappysweet.blogspot.com

  13. You look so beautiful...well done my dear!

  14. Have this dress, love this dress! I wear it just like that all the time, leggings and sandals or boots (depending on the season). You look great!


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