14 June 2012

Alex + Beau: photo shoot {teaser}!

Alex and Beau are one of my favorite couples.  They are beautiful, inside and out, and they are such fun-loving, kind-hearted people.

I first introduced you to Alex and Beau a couple of weeks ago with this post about their gorgeous wedding (and Mark Brooke Photographers' amazing documentation of said wedding with their talented photography).  I also told you I'd get to photograph them soon, and I had my chance last week!

I loved spending my Tuesday afternoon with them at Soka University in Aliso Viejo (after checking out their newly-purchased home nearby and meeting their sweet pup, Lucy!).  We wanted to get some shots at South Coast Farms, but we were too late and their gates were closed by the time we got there (plus it was getting pretty dark by then).  It just means I have to go back to visit them again soon so we can get more images!

We headed to dinner at the restaurant that catered Beau and Alex's wedding, the delicious Sun-Dried Tomato Cafe!  It was a lovely evening and I was so glad to get to see these two again after a long hiatus (I haven't really seen them since I moved north to Los Angeles and they moved to southern Orange County!).

This is my favorite image that I've edited thus far; the full gallery can be seen on the Anna Delores Photography photoblog here!  It looks much prettier over there, all high-resolution and all.  Like how I dangled that carrot in front of ya?  Ha!

Enjoy.  :)


  1. Very cool, I went over to the MArk Brookes page too, looks like it was quite the occasion!

  2. I LOVE that picture Emily, it is gorgeous! The lighting is incredible.

  3. I found your blog from Stripes & Polka dots and I really must say that you are a fantastic photographer and a definite inspiration.


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