18 June 2012

weekend in review: Instagram

I've been neglecting Instagram recently.  When it first became available for Android, I was all over it like white on rice; after the novelty wore off, I discarded the app like the kid in Toy Story neglected Woody after he got Buzz Lightyear for his b'day (how's that for a ton of similes?).  Wow.

So anyway.  Been trying to get back into the Insta-groove, and I have some fun weekend pics to prove it.

1. Mani Monday \\ 2. Purple flowers in Venice, CA \\ 3. Rad kitchen chalkboard wall \\ 4. My parents' new puppy, Freddy \\ 5. Coveting Target pillows \\ 6. Parsons band at Venice wedding on Saturday \\ 7. My dogs, enthralled by hair styling \\ 8. Me: smiles.

How was YOUR weekend?



  1. I love following you on Instagram! :) Even more places to connect.

  2. Aww what adorable puppies! My pup despises my hair styling tools..I swear he thinks that they are trying to kill me

  3. Love your nails!
    Freddy is such a cutie. Great pictures :)

  4. Adorable pics! Your dogs are SO cute! I love instagram. I'm following you now. :)


  5. Such a cute collection of photos! I haven't jumped on the Instagram bandwagon yet as I don't have an iPhone or Android, but I'm planning on it in the future. And Toy Story rules, so any reference to it is awesome.

  6. freddy looks so cute! nothing better than a new puppy :).

  7. OHMYGOSH OHMYGOSH!! Freddy is TOO cute! I wanna squeeze him lol!

    I've been addicted to Instagram for well over a year and it's a serious problem hehe :)

    Thanks for linking up with us!

  8. Love that nail polish!


  9. I found doing photo a day challenges helps me remember to take an Instagram pic ;)

  10. Love that nail polish. And the pups. And your throw pillows. And your Toy Story reference. Heck, I love this all! Thanks for linking up with us!


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