04 June 2012

PINspiration: bangs

Friends who follow {the AD blog} with any regularity understand my recent obsession with bangs.  My own and other people's.  Before you think me narcissistic for being obsessed with my own hair, allow me to elaborate: I mean simply that I can't believe it took me so long to get bangs, and I can't imagine I'll ever go back.  I just love them!  My BFF and bangs twin, Claudia, and I had a very serious discussion about this in Vegas last weekend (just that we can't imagine ever going back).  That's as serious as it got.

Anyway, I see a LOT of pinners on Pinterest who share my fascination with the bang trend, so I thought I'd share some of my favorites with y'all.  Click on the image to be taken to the pin, and enjoy!  :)

If you're paying attention, you've recognized bloggers Elsie Larson and Kinsey Mhire in the mix!  And of course, I couldn't resist the gorgeous Reese Witherspoon and not one, but TWO images of the lovely and amazing Zooey Deschanel

Happy Tuesday, everyone, and happy haircuts.  :)


  1. I've been thinking about taking the bang plunge, but I'm seriously nervous about it! It's just if I don't like them, it takes FOREVER to grow them out. These images are all beautiful, and they are REALLY making me want to give it a try!

    xoxo, me

    1. I was scared too, Morgan, but I'm SO GLAD I did it! You can always start with longer bangs first, those are easier to sweep to the side and grow out if you're scared. :)

  2. I love the one of the girl holding the necklace with the heart pendant and Reese Witherspoon's (I used to have that) :)

    I've tried going back and making my bangs grow out but I look and feel weird to me. LOL I've had bangs since I was 15 and I'm 25 years this year!

    I'm having a new giveaway on my blog if you're interested!

  3. Oh I LOVE Elsie AND her bangs :) What a need board idea and now I can't help but think about bangs... but I may hold off and make this a Fall thing. Summer is all about throwing it up on my head and no fuss lol

    Lovely to have found your blog!

  4. I went through a bang obsession a couple of weeks ago when I was contemplating bangs. I took the plunge though and couldn't be happier!
    I love the first picture and the one of the girl giving the peace sign :)

  5. Love all these bang inspirations and I love Elsie! Blogger love warms my heart. :)

  6. I just got bangs a week ago, and I love them! I thought I would have trouble taking care of them , but they are so fun :)

    xoxo, jamie brooke

  7. Beautiful inspiration! I'm loving Kate Moss's look.


  8. ahh zooey had the most amazing bangs, but these are all pretty amazing! great post :)

  9. I love the bang look! It screams sophistication -- or fun! I love all Zooeys =)

  10. Girl, I want some bangs REAL BAD! They just don't work with my unruly, curly hair. I've tried it before- my part is too prominent, and my hair just sticks out and frizzes right there. This is one time I truly envy the girls with straight hair. Boo. They look so good on you, though!

  11. I look horrible in bangs!!

    And I LOVE Zooey!!!

    loving your blog! xoxo

  12. OOohhh these are fab! I've almost grown out my bangs...almost took 2 years, and then I see beautiful pics like this and I want my bangs back! LOL! Hope to see you at Loves on a Thursday linking up your wonderful collection!:)


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