29 May 2012

weddings: Alex + Beau

Alex and Beau are two of the coolest, most down-to-earth, beautiful people I know.  I first met Beau as a neighbor in Huntington Beach, CA a few years ago, and along came Alex about a year later!  Being witness to their relationship as it grew and flourished, their engagement, and ultimately their wedding makes this a very special story for me to share!

Beau and Alex's engagement photos are what initially got me pumped on the idea of photography as a career; I didn't know it in those exact terms at the time, but the images of this gorgeous couple by the talented Mark Brooke REALLY inspired me.

Anyway, on to the actual wedding!  A TON of Alex and Beau's October wedding details were executed by the lovely Alex herself.  I remember being at her bridal shower and watching her squeal with joy as she opened a sewing machine as one of her gifts!  She had so many amazing ideas that contributed to a delightfully rustic, cottage-chic wedding ambiance.

Here are a few of my favorite Beau + Alex wedding highlights (in terms of Alex's DIY style):

1. Burlap.  Alex used that fancy new Singer she got at her shower to sew burlap table runners.  Combined with the soft peach of the flowers I think the color and texture of the burlap gave an exquisitely romantic vibe to the reception.

2. Scrabble tiles.  These wooden letters were a great theme throughout the reception: they served as table number markers, labels for the box for cards, and phrases spelled out on the wedding party "info" table, for lack of a better description.

3. Mason jars.  There were mason jars at each table with tealights that were lit once the reception progressed from afternoon to evening.  Short mason jars were also used for the wedding favors: take-home-and-bake-yourself individual apple pies!  They were DELISH, too!  :)

4. The bouquet.  Alex constructed a STUNNING (albeit heavy) bouquet of vintage brooches and miscellany jewels, many of which had some kind of significance to the bride and groom.  You can see the "A" and "B" Scrabble tiles, and there was also an American flag to symbolize Beau's service in the U.S. Marine Corps (and his tour of duty in Iraq).  It was a lovely arrangement that Alex can of course hold on to for a long time without worrying about drying flowers!

5. Lighting.  As the ceremony was held in the late afternoon, plus the day was a overcast, the decision for strings of white lights and paper lanterns was a winner!  As day turned into night, the combination of lanterns and exposed bulbs created a perfect, warm ambiance under the tent at the reception.

And before you wonder to yourself who the weirdo on the right is, with her little Olympus point-and-shoot, let me tell you: it's ME! Ha!

What a gorgeous event, right?  Made all the more lovely by Alex and Beau's crazy love for each other; they are seriously the sweetest little lovebirds I know.

Stay tuned in the next couple of weeks for more on these two; I have a photo shoot scheduled with them for early June and look forward to sharing the images with you here!


  1. Awww!! All of those photos are amazing!!!!

    1. The photographer, Candice Brooke of Mark Brooke Photography, has such an amazing eye! :)

  2. that bouquet is freakin' amazing!!! love everything about these photos and this wedding, beautiful! :)

  3. What a sweet couple, and gorgeous images! You know, I really wish I'd "done it up right" with getting both engagement photos and wedding photos. We didn't get engagement shots, but maybe we should get some portraits for anniversary #6? Because that pic of Alex and Beau laying in the grass has me swooning.

    1. Yes, you totally should, Sadie! If I lived anywhere near you I'd do it gratis! Yes, Alex & Beau are such a lovely couple! It's never too late to do a romantic photo shoot with your husband. :)

  4. How fun! It's always awesome to be able to do a photo shoot with people you love and know well. Can't wait to see the pics you take!

  5. Aw, they truly are adorable together. Their wedding looks beautiful. I particularly love the peachy flower centerpieces, and the scrabble letters adds the perfect subtle cuteness to the overall theme. <3

  6. these pictures are fantastic - such an adorable couple and a talented photographer :) i'm following you on instagram to hopefully see some more lovely pictures!

  7. The photos look so nice, and that bouquet is to die for. I LOVE it!


  8. I just came across your blog...I adore everything about this wedding- such beautiful photos!


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