24 May 2012

sponsor call for June

I'm pretty excited to formally introduce the opportunity for sponsorship on {the Anna Delores blog}!  At only eight months old, Anna Delores has grown pretty quickly and I continue to promote and grow readership every. single. day. 

Anna Delores sponsor

X-Large sponsors (just $10, people!) also get the option to do a guest post, host a giveaway, or BOTH!  Woo hoo!  Large sponsors ($8) have the option to do one or the other (guest post OR giveaway).  And ALL sponsors get to share in the love in a featured post (maybe more than one, if I'm feeling especially inspired.  But at least one, guaranteed, for sure).

Seriously, what are you waiting for?  You can take care of business right now with checkout (payment + button image upload) via Passionfruit!  Sponsors who hook it up now while prices are low will ALWAYS, for the life of {the Anna Delores blog}, have these rates locked in, regardless of how big and magnificent it gets around here (and trust me, I have big plans).

So click here for a few additional details (including blog stats) and to submit your ad, and let's get the ball rolling.  Or, you can e-mail me if you have questions first.  Excited?  I am!  :)


  1. what an absolutely LOVELY blog! i love it!!!! found you via the blog hop xo

  2. Just bought my spot!! :) I love your blog so it seems like a perfect union!!


    1. I got it, Evani! Thanks so much, I'm stoked to have you! :)


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