02 May 2012

Photo A Day in MAY

I've wanted to do this Photo A Day thing since the beginning of the new year, but didn't want to commit to the "365 photo challenge" type of thing (even though I probably could've easily followed through, with all the photos I take).  Anyway, I always remember halfway through the month to find a "Photo A Day monthly challenge" I can tag along with, so I set a reminder for myself for May, and here I am!

 I'm already a day behind, so today will begin with TWO photos for the first two days:

May 1 photo a day: "peace" {in the Los Angeles industrial district}

May 2 photo a day: "skyline" {downtown Los Angeles}

Can't wait for more!  :)



  1. Hi! Just found your blog from the link up! I love your images and I'm excited to follow along with your posts! Following you on bloglovin now!

    1. Thanks Lindsey Anne! Excited to *meet* you. :)

  2. Those photos are really nice! Love your blog. Following :)


  3. look like a real fun project! i look forward to more of your snapshots



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