31 May 2012

What is the Bohemian Collective?

Have you heard of the Bohemian Collective?

The Bohemian Collective artists and organizations have joined together for the purpose of creating a place where they can inspire creativity and giving through their art and vision. From the BC online mission statement: "This rotating collaboration of artists will orchestrate inspiring, seasonal lookbooks featuring our handmade clothing, jewelry, and home accessories. Our desire is to share the love within our community as far as we can!"

According to the Bohemian Collective, this is where we can help out. Anyone can participate in the Collective via a donation in any amount to a specific charity each season.  All proceeds this summer will benefit To Write Love On Her Arms (I donated a small amount on BC's launch date!), a non-profit movement dedicated to helping people who struggle with depression, addiction, self-injury and suicide.

{ Laura Mazurek }

The impressive roster of collaboration at the inception of the Bohemian Collective is enough to inspire a following; among the contributors are some of my favorites, including Laura Mazurek of Roots & Feathers and Violet Bella.

I'll be honest with you: because there isn't much else out there (at least not on my radar) comparable to the Bohemian Collective, I didn't know what to make of it.  It took me a little while to figure it out and understand what they were going for.  It sounds like its founding was driven by Laura's aspirations of owning a boutique that features all her favorite artists (the Bohemian Collective is, of course, the online version of said aspiration).

In Laura's words, the idea for a collaborative lookbook grew into a lovely blog (designed by Bohemian Collective artist Kelly Ann of The Flowerchild Dwelling) and it is, truly, a very calming space to visit.  The 93-page lookbook is a great accomplishment itself, too!  Laura herself models the gorgeous wares from the Collective's contributors and the whole thing is a feast for the eyes (and I'd love to know who their photographer is!).

Here is a teeny, tiny preview of summer 2012's contributors:

Be sure to cruise by the Bohemian Collective blog for the full collection and the gorgeous blog!


  1. What a neat project! Cruz-in over there now...
    Have a good one :)

  2. Smashing idea! Checking it out now~*


  3. I love love love this whole project! It took me a minute to understand it, too... but I think the whole thing is just so beautiful and the cause is so good. I am so inspired by Laura's desire to help others- I am a big believer in blessing others as I am blessed, and I think it's a philosophy more people should pick up on.

  4. yay, love this feature emily, thank you! i wish i could figure out a super simple way to explain it for people to get it right away, but maybe that is part of the beauty of it??? oh, and im also the photographer. self timer baby!


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