17 May 2012

At Home: guest post from Laura of Roots & Feathers

Hi, I'm Laura from Roots and Feathers.  I'd love to share a bit of my personal style in my home.

Emily has been a lovely fan of my work, and I'm honored to share in her space today.  She has selected a few of her favorite pics of mine that I have posted on my blog.

We just came up on our first year mark in our new home, and its been so much fun constantly changing things around and creating my personal style in my space.  In my opinion, as long as you decorate with things you truly love, it doesn't matter if it matches.  If you love it, use it.  I also try to mainly keep sentimental things and not just a lot of random meaningless stuff.

I hope you enjoy a peek into my home!

Lovely Laura at home with Violet and Bella

A gorgeous engagement photo of Laura and her hubby, James (in a custom frame from her father) is the focal point of the mantle.

Laura has said this owl wall hanging is one of her favorite pieces.

A sweet little fort for Bella.

Awesome work space shelving and objects.

 Some Roots and Feathers.

{Emily here} :: As Laura mentioned in her intro, she surrounds herself with items she loves and that have some meaning for her.  I could not agree more and it's something I've been striving for in compromise with my boyfriend in our new(ish) place: there are items he loves to have around him that don't necessarily "match" the theme or decor that I had in mind, but they make him happy and that's what is most important.  In the end, we'll have a house we can both call "home."


  1. I love that cat teepee!! How insanely fun is that for a kitty!

  2. Such beautiful spaces, with so many interesting things to look at and be inspired by. That cat teepee takes the cake!


  3. Wow!You have an amazing home, such wonderful pieces!
    I adore the photo of you and your pets on your bed! And the kitty fort is super cool :)

  4. love this! i love the desk/office area off to the side of the sofa... i'm moving soon most likely into a small apartment and have been thinking about how to sneak in my own "office".

  5. This is absolutely great and so inspiring! That giant dream catcher is incredible. Violet and Bella are the cutest, too. Hehe.


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