15 May 2012

co-hosting Tuesday Tango!

Many thanks to Ashley of After Nine To Five for letting me join in the Tuesday Tango fun this week!  It's really just a big block party to meet some new friends.

The Tuesday Tango is a multiple link-up post for everyone to meet new people and grow your audience. There will be four link-ups you can add your link to - Twitter, Facebook, Hello Cotton, and Bloglovin'. All you have to do is follow the hosts for this week and then add whoever else you'd like to! It's that simple.

Host Links:
Anna Delores Photography - Twitter | Facebook | Hello Cotton | Bloglovin | Instagram
After Nine To Five - Twitter | Facebook | Hello Cotton | Bloglovin | Instagram
Cover To Cover and Everything in Between - Twitter | Facebook | Bloglovin | Instagram

Follow the hosts.
Add your links to any/all of the link-ups.
Add as many people as you want from the link-ups!



  1. this is such a cool idea, thank you for the opportunity to join in. :)


  2. What a cool party! A what a lot of lovely ladies to be linked up with! Such fun. But, oops- I accidentally put my Twitter link under the Facebook tab- delete as necessary. Hope you are having a great week!

  3. Anna, I love this! I can't wait to get on my computer to link up, iPad isn't cooperating!

  4. This is the first link up I've participated in and I already love so many of the new blogs I'm following or following on twitter!! Thanks for hosting Anna!!!


    1. You're so welcome, Evani (and all of you!). :)


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