04 May 2012

four things friday {featuring roots & feathers}

I'm trying to remember (without much success): it must have been a sponsor link from another blog, though I can't recall which one.  Regardless of the source, I am quite pleased to have stumbled upon Violet Bella, a.k.a. Laura Mazurek (a.k.a. Roots & Feathers)!

Basically the cutest outfit EVER.  Laura is so rad!

Reasons I like Laura {a.k.a. four things}:
  1. Her fashion sense is impeccable.  I love, love, love every outfit she shows us, even if it's something I wouldn't (or couldn't) wear myself.  She looks simply adorable in anything.
  2. Her goodies are wonderful and I covet them all: Violet Bella Photography, Roots & Feathers, and Violet Bella handmade.  I even recently bought something from her hubby (Skyline Fever).
  3. She made me an awesome pair of custom asymmetrical earrings that I just love.  I was nervous about them, but my coworker assured me I'm cool enough to pull them off.  
  4. She has super-cute pets (puppy-dog Violet & kitty-cat Bella) and takes at least half as many Instagram photos of them as I do of my dogs.
How lovely are these baubles (and the packaging!)?

I wore my Roots & Feathers earrings yesterday (May 3) and made them my #photoadaymay "something I wore"

I really just think Laura and her aesthetic are totally rockin'!  She's a pretty lady with an amazing sense of style, inspired wares, and a gorgeous blog.  What's not to love?

I fancy myself a writer, but because it's nearing the end of my day and I often speak better with images (I am also a photographer, after all), here are some more pictures from Laura's world to help illustrate why she's just so lovely.  

That outfit!  Those SHOES!

why, hello, pretty!

Even her pets are adorable and amazing!

My point is to check Laura out -- fave her Etsy shop, follow her blog, like her on Facebook.  You will like her, trust me!

Oh, and one more thing: Laura's currently hosting a giveaway for a gorgeous pair of feather earrings from Raptor JewelryCheck it out!



  1. Found you via Sadie Dear and am enjoying looking around. Just added you to my instagram feed and am excited to see more from you. Have a great weekend!

  2. ahhh, thank you so much emily! you are such a sweetheart, and a rockin' fan! this post was just sooooooo sweet!!!!! xo

    1. Yay I'm glad you like it, Laura! :) Have a great weekend.

  3. Um, you have the MOST beautiful blog layout EVER. I'm obsessed. And OMG, Violet Bella's layers are super awesome! What a unique style!!

    1. Thanks, Stephanie! Dana over at The Wonder Forest (http://www.thewonderforest.com) did the graphic design elements. :) Thanks for cruising over, big fan of your blog, as well!

  4. Amazing find, Emily! Thanks for the tip... I'm headed to check her out right now. Happy weekend!

  5. Love the arrow earrings!


  6. I love her blog as well. She's so creative!



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