11 May 2012

four things friday: swaps and sponsors

TGIF.  Seriously.  Who else is in favor of three-day weekends all the time?  Friday, Saturday, and Sunday all off work.  I think it sounds exquisite.

But enough yearning.  It's "four things Friday" and I've elected to take this opportunity to say a big "thank you" to my sponsors and swap buddies.

Four things I love (and that you should know) about these wonderful ladies:

1. They are infinitely creative and they inspire me every day.  My Bloglovin' daily feed is always chock full of lovely DIY ideas, adorable outfits, articulately-written articles, and stunning photography.

2. They are all about reciprocity.  This is a group of the kindest, most supportive women and I feel so lucky and excited whenever I get a mention or shout-out from them!

3. Their senses of style are JUST. FABULOUS.  I'm telling you, my own outfits have gotten a lot cuter since I *met* these ladies on the blog-o-sphere.  In turn, this has helped my self-esteem and encouraged me to take pride in how I present myself, and I thank them for that.

4. There is always something fun afoot!  Whether it be a giveaway or a linky party, these blog hosts are always looking for ways to encourage involvement and hence a joyous experience online!  They manage to find the coolest hosted giveaways and sometimes even offer to buy you shoes from their own pocketbooks!  How fun (and generous!) is that?!

Without further ado, PLEASE give some love and attention to my fabulous May sponsors.

So please, visit them.  Read them.  Follow them.  They are awesome and you won't be disappointed.
And enjoy your weekend.  :)


  1. Definitely checked out several of your sponsors and I love them already!! Thanks for sharing some wonderful blogs Emily!


    1. Thanks for taking a peek at them, Evani! They're all pretty amazing. :)

  2. I am ALL for three day weekends. Thanks for sharing your sponsors!


  3. ooh thanks for sharing. addings to my favs, will be sure to check to them out soon!



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