03 May 2012

WEAR: headband obsessed.

Ever since I got my hair cut and immediately fell in love with bangs, I've been OBSESSED with headbands.  I was already a pretty big fan with a collection to prove it.  But all it took was the comment from my hairdresser as I left the salon with my sassy new 'do: "you know what you'll really love to wear with bangs?  Headbands."

The rest is pretty much history.  I'll be doing a lot of outfit posts in the near future (bear with me as I polish my self-portrait abilities) but here are some of the awesome handmade sellers from whom I've snatched a headband or two (or four) in recent weeks:

Rissy Roo headband
Minty Fresh Rosette headband from Rissy Roo's (and thanks to Illy for the referral!)

Cotton Lane

sleepy king
Haven't gotten my custom version of this one from Sleepy King yet, but I'm super excited!

crazy jane knits

Last, but not least, this self-portrait was actually taken the day I got my haircut! Here I am rocking my black ribbon headband (a wardrobe staple, thank you very much) from Forever 21.

anna delores blog

Stay tuned (or run away, whichever you feel is most appropriate for you) for more headband madness!  :)



  1. I love headbands, too! My curly hair likes to fall in my face all the time, especially when the weather is wet. I need a headband to keep my sanity sometimes!

  2. Thank you so much!! I love all of this collection and am very happy to be included :):). Bangs are the BEST For headbands! Rock the new hair girl. Xo

  3. Headbands have a nasty habit of digging to the back of my ears, but I still buy one occasionally despite the pain. They're so cute that I can't resist. Haha. Thanks for sharing such a cute collection! :)



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