10 April 2012

Easter eggs + Saturday brunch.

This weekend, on the Saturday before Easter, I decided (somewhat last-minute) to invite family over to my relatively-new home for a brunch-housewarming-slash-Easter-egg-hunt.  I have three baby cousins who are all two years old (one set of twin girls from one cousin, and another girl from my other cousin).  They all call me "Aunt Emily," which I am more fond of than "cousin Emily."

My older cousin, Kristen (Rowan's mom), and I set out to hide colorful plastic eggs filled with candy and plastic jewelry on my backyard lawn, and wondered aloud to each other if the girls would know what they were "supposed" to do (they are only two years old, after all, though the twins are almost three).  Anyway, we laughed to ourselves as Rowan, Sophia, and MacKenzie (we call her "Mackie" for short) zoomed around the grass, filling their baskets with eggs.  They knew EXACTLY what to do.  There must be something instinctual about chasing colorful plastic.

Here are some images from the day.  We had a blast!

A (partial) layout of brunch goodies.  Obsessed with my new cupcake stand and dessert pedestal from Crate & Barrel!
Rowan and her Easter basket (sizing up the chocolate)
Rowan and Sophia
My pup, Mickey!
Zuma, Mom, Sophia, Mackie, and Rowan (playing with our miniature Pinscher, Pepper)
Tickles from uncle Z.
Me and my girl Rowan
Naps after a long day!  My dad with Mickey on our couch.

I know my outfit is barely visible, but here are the deets anyway: top from Target.com; sunglasses from Melrose Trading Post; post earrings by Brooke Arin MedlinRowan's awesome accessories in the second-to-last photo are also from Target.  :)


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  1. OMG love love pics....i need my family =( snif snif....Amazing pics...thanks for sharing.

    You can check me in ...


    XOXO from MUNICH

    La Vie Quotidienne


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