27 April 2012

getting settled in.

As many of you already know, I moved into a new home (with my boyfriend! Ack!) a couple of months ago.  We've had a chance to get settled in and spruce up the place.  There are still some components that need a bit of work, but I'm very happy with many elements of our new space and wanted to share them with you!  :)

office space: Anna Delores Photography headquarters, with my Epiphanie camera bag hogging the spotlight
Mini latte bowls, round mercury trinket box, and letter "E" on wall: Anthropologie | Yellow filing station: thrifted 
White Holga 35mm camera: Urban Outfitters | Desk lamp: Target | Red "Lola" camera bag: Epiphanie 
Gallery photography: Myan Soffia, Elle Moss, SSC Photography, You Anchor Me, Maximonstertje, & Slight Clutter
ACEO owl friend by Andrea Doss | T-Rex print by Yellow Heart Art
bedroom: my nightstand, photographed by request for You, Me & Charlie. That's my baby girl Pepper sunning herself.
Bone-shaped photo frame: Papyrus {similar} | Ceramic tile coaster: Anthropologie {similar} | Lamp: Target {similar} | Nightstand: Pier 1
bedroom: my dresser -- one of my favorite corners as it offers a nice little accessorizing station for me each morning.
Felt rosette flower stems: Cole Franke | Jewelry tree: Urban Outfitters {similar} | Earring display: The Container Store   
Teacup, mercury vase, script dish, and ceramic perfume vial {all no longer available}: Anthropologie | Vintage soda bottle crate: thrifted {similar}
bookcase detail: the decorating I did on our bookcase in the dining room yielded one of my favorite "visual" spots  :)
"No. 2" canister {no longer available) and "vintage" keys: Pottery Barn | Letter "A" and jewel-tone napkin: Anthropologie {both no longer available} 
Letter "n" {similar} and Olympia typewriter {similar}: thrifted

More bits of home to come!


  1. lovely :) i'll probably be moving with my boyfriend after summer so it's always good to get inspiration!

  2. Oh, what a lovely home! I love that my little owl has such a fabulous place to hang out! :)

    1. I LOVE having him on my desk, he hangs out in front on my business cards and makes me smile. :) Thanks Andrea!

  3. love your key collection! isnt is so fun decorating!!! one of my favorite things to do. love your space :)

    1. Thanks Laura, and thanks for stopping by. :)

  4. I'm in love with your jewelry organization area! And that typewriter is very cool! -Jessica


  5. Fun! I'm just settling into a new place too! I just found you from 'yours truly' I'm a new follower!
    -Ameryn Marie


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