29 April 2012

Share the Beauty: lip service.


This week is all about LIP care.  I wanted to start things off with some imagery of just what you're dealing with if you ask me about lip products (and honestly, this is a small, small sample):

My makeup collection in general, and my lip gloss/balm/stick collection in particular, is excessive to say the least!  It's also hard for me to avoid buying new which, as you can see, is ridiculous.  

Alright, now that that's out of the way (and I hope gives me SOME clout while we're talking about lip goodies), I bring your attention to my newest favorites:

Smashbox "Be Legendary" lipstick in "Nylon Nude"

I have and LOVE Smashbox's "Nylon Nude" lipstick, but don't have a photo of myself wearing it that demonstrates the subtlety and loveliness of the color the way this model does, so there you have it.  ;)

Next up is Fabulips Sugar Scrub by Bliss -- I've been looking for a good lip buffer for awhile.  Especially if you do wear a lot of lip color or it's a season change, scrubbing your lips to get rid of dead skin (ick) is a must.

Ta-da!  There you have it: my top recommendations for springtime lip excitement.  :)  I also always have a good clear or soft pink high-shine gloss in my bag (like this one or this one) and a good anti-feather lip primer is EXCELLENT, especially if you're wearing darker colors that might bleed easily (less important with nudes, as color bleeding is harder to see with those shades).  The Anti-Feathering Lip Pencil by Too Faced is decent, but I REALLY love the Irene Gari Anti-Feathering Lip Base, as it goes on like a lip balm (and feels moisturizing, too!).  One of the best parts (other than the fact that it WORKS) is that it's only $4.99.

Enjoy, friends!



  1. ha i love your collection! thanks for linking up =)

  2. I've never heard of anti-feathering that is so cool though. I want to wear lipstick but don't really know what colors are right for me or if I'm wearing it right. Thanks for linking up!


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