26 April 2012

jeans should feel like sweatpants.

I love, love, love actress Claire Danes; I even interviewed her once in my past life as an entertainment columnist for my college newspaper (no joke! It was awesome; I was a big "My So-Called Life" fan!).

And now, more reasons to agree with the lovely Ms. Danes; she says she won’t wear a pair of jeans unless they’re as soft as sweats! “It’s funny with jeans now, because if they don’t feel like a pair of sweatpants, I don’t have patience for them any more!” she told ASOS Magazine. “I think I’m becoming increasingly lazy.”

YES!  I am SO on the same page here.  I think jeans are the easy stand-by for fashion laziness, which means I wear them a lot (pretty much any day I don't have the energy to get creative with my outfit).  But, especially as a curvier lady (a problem that Claire does NOT have), comfy jeans are essential.  Otherwise I have a muffin top situation and it just feels yucky; frankly, it's not great for my self-esteem.

Where am I going with this?  Jeans review.

Sweet N Low super stretch
My self-confidence AND comfort have been greatly improved with my personal discovery of Lucky Brand's relatively-new Super Stretch Denim Jeans.  I'm wearing 'em right now!

These are the Sweet N Low stretch jeans with a wee bit o' flare; the other pair I have are the Sweet N Straight which, as the name suggests, have a straight leg with pretty much zero flare.

I am telling you, I could take a nap in these babies (not that I do... usually...).  They are also super fabulous in the sense that unlike many other stretch jeans in my past, they don't stretch OUT -- they are stretchy in the sense that they contour to my body, but it's not the kind of stretch that makes clothes lose their shape, or sag around your shape.  These jeans hold it together quite nicely, which also means they get a bit more mileage before hitting the laundry pile.  Know what I mean?

Do you have a favorite pair, and do they feel like sweatpants?!  :)  Or, do you think that jeggings are a huge no-no and want your jeans nice and stiff?

In other news, LOOK at my new shoes!  I love you, Blowfish.

Blowfish Timo wedge sandals in "Brown Belize Blanket"



  1. I love Claire Danes. I was also a HUGE so-called life fan. I think she's one of the best actresses of our generation. And, I love her philosophy about jeans. Yay! :) Love your new shoes as well. Totally in love!


    1. Thanks Shannon -- they are SO COMFY, too! I wore my sweatpants-jeans and new Blowfish wedges all night after I got home from work (which is usually when I change into ACTUAL sweatpants and bare feet). YAY!


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