13 April 2012

new bangs!

I posted a few weeks back about considering bangs, and about a week ago, I did it!  And I LOVE them!  As my stylist was trimming away, she commented that she was giving me half-moon bangs, and as she gestured to the middle-front of my scalp where the bangs part with the rest of my hair, I understood why they are called "half moon" -- it's because they curve into a crescent shape toward your forehead.  Coooool.

Disclaimer: I know I'm *supposed* to be a photographer, but I'm still getting the hang of self-portraits, which are a completely different beast than the fine art photography I'm used to, so bear with me on these selfies!

Anyway, here I am on the day of my haircut...

I look pretty cute, right?  But we always look great when the stylist was the last one to touch our hair!  So I was nervous about the first wash & blowdry following my salon visit.

Happily, I think it went pretty well!  Notice the beer in my hand?  I was even DRINKING while I styled.  Not too shabby!  And please take a moment to appreciate what my boyfriend calls my Storm Trooper phone.

Now, about a week and half in, I'm already getting lazy.  So this is me yesterday after work, admiring my messy-yet-somehow-still-cute-bangs; I must say that I am a much bigger fan of the ponytail now that I have cutie-pie bangs still framing my face.  :)

A few random things I've learned since getting bangs:
  • If you forget to tweeze your eyebrows, no one will notice!
  • My forehead sweats easier and gets oily pretty quickly (too much information?)
  • Pulling my hair back is way more fun now; I feel much cuter.

So what do y'all think?  Do you have bangs too, or are you considering it like I did for almost a year?  ;)  What do you like or dislike about having bangs?

P.S. how ADORABLE are my new asymmetrical arrow earrings from Roots & Feathers?!  Laura made them special just for me, and I'm obsessed.  :)



  1. heeyy!! I just got MY hair done too! (look on my blog to see) but I think YOUR hair looks waaayy cuter. ;)


    I hope to help you and happy weekend.

    If you want to see my shirt and look NEON BOYFRIEND, visit:


    XOXO from MUNICH

    La Vie Quotidienne

  3. i am a big bangs-advocate. don't know what i'd do without mine!

  4. The bangs look cute! I haven't had any for many years, back when I had short hair (which i don't plan on doing again). I'm not sure I could pull off bangs, I don't do styling, I throw it up in a clip and be done with it lol. And your earrings are awesome!!


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