20 April 2012

gifting Lauren Conrad

This month, I was given what I think is a pretty cool opportunity to gift the lovely Lauren Conrad!  You may also know her as "LC" from MTV's "Laguna Beach" or "The Hills," but she's gone on to make a solid name for herself in the fashion world.  She's penned a couple of books, whipped up a clothing line, and directs her own blog over at The Beauty Department.

I did some investigative work on Lauren's website and read a few blog posts about her fondness for decorating with some vintage finds, particularly old cameras, so I went for the obvious choice and opted for the following Anna Delores images:

I mean, I already have these images in my repertoire, so it seems appropriate, no?  I added mats to the prints and included a couple business cards and a Huntington Beach bookmark to remind Ms. Conrad of home (the OC, of course!).

VoilĂ !  I'll turn into a big "woo!" girl if she checks out the shop!  I hope she likes.  What do you think?

Here's the rest of my Lauren prep:



  1. love ur blog....
    do visit mine nd follow :);P)


  2. Gorgeous choice, how could she not love it?? Good luck!

  3. Beautiful selection. I'm sure she'll love it


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