12 April 2012


So I know I'm SUPER late on this one, but it's because I have an Android phone, which I love very much but now love a little bit more because now I have Instagram!  FINALLY!  Thank you, Instagram, for acknowledging that not ALL creative (and social networking) types have iPhones!

I'll admit, I'm being a little lame in my Instagram excitement, because I already have Magic Hour, which I might even begin to argue is better than Instagram because it has WAY more filters, all of which you can download for free.

But what Magic Hour doesn't have is the "community" that Instagram does, and now I feel super cool because I have yet another way to stalk all my favorite people online.  Granted, Instagram users post their photos to their Twitter accounts, so I don't really think I was missing THAT much before since I could spy on images via Twitter.

And maybe the Apple folks will be irritated because now Instagram is open to Android users, too, and thus does not automatically label you as an iPhone owner.  I hope I don't drag down the coolness of the app by using it with my HTC.  :)

Either way: thanks Instagram!


  1. J'adore INSTAGRAM is more easy than PINTEREST..i have both.

    I follow in Instagram, i'm waiting U =)

    You can CHECK my BOYFRIEND shirt and NEON Outfit:


    XOXO from Munich

    La Vie Quotidienne

  2. Thanks for the info - as a fellow HTC owner I didn't realise we can now use Instagram, yippee!


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