04 April 2012

word wednesdays :: giveaway from kikdesign!

A big, warm welcome to Kathy of kikdesigns!  I love Kathy's colorful letterpress cards and am excited to share them with Anna Delores readers (as well as give some away!  Hint, hint...).

But first, we get to know the pretty lady behind the printing press.

What has been your biggest inspiration as a graphic designer and Etsy shop owner?

I love to be surrounded by fun, positive, whimsical people and things. The happier I am, the better my work is. I love living in Los Angeles, and hitting the flea market any given Sunday always inspires. I'm drawn to everything mid-century and have too many collections of fun things from the era, like dish towels, tablecloths, lamps, kids books, old photos of Hollywood... I love the color combinations from the era and am especially drawn to the combination of type and illustration in vintage signs. I take lots of photos of the surviving ones around Hollywood... all this is to say that I like making things that might make someone else smile.

How did you come up with the name of your business?

Laziness? (LOL from Emily!) KIK is the first syllable of my last name and also a nickname. I have a cool vintage tin metal sign from Kik Cola, I think it was a Canadian soda company sometime back in the 50s. I like that "KIK" sounds happy. 

What is your personal favorite item for sale in your shop?

Back when I started learning about letterpress printing, my (fun, whimsical, smart) friend John suggested the combination of old school letterpress with 21st century texting. The OMG! card was the first one and definitely my favorite.

What is your most memorable Etsy experience?

I love connecting with customers on Etsy; it's such a fantastic community. But my most memorable experience was as a buyer. My daughter was in her school production of "Bye Bye Birdie" last year and I had so much fun putting her 1960s costume together, mostly on etsy. I found a red pillbox hat, the seller sent it right out -- but it never showed up! So I scrambled and found yet another one, just as lovely as the first. And the day before it was delivered I found the first package, the mailman had left it in a hidden spot on the side of the house. So there were two hats to choose from, both adorable. It really impressed me how much both sellers really cared about getting the hat here in time for the show!

If Hollywood made a movie about your life, who would you like to see cast in the lead role as you?

Tina Fey! But wait, I also love Diane Keaton! (whom I've been told I look like and whether I do or not, who cares, that always totally makes my day)… Oh no, what a dilemma!

What would I find in the backseat of your car right now?

That would be my daughter's zone, so could be her homework, her missing sneakers, her Junie B Jones books, her artwork, some in-progress Wiki Stix projects… definitely all or some of the above, plus every single one of my missing pens.

Where would you like to be in five years? Ten years?

Right here is good, happy and healthy (knock wood). Doing what I love to do, surrounded by positive, funny people. And I'll probably need a new car by 2022, so that would be nice too.

The wonderful Kathy has also graciously offered up a package of five of her letterpress cards for one lucky Anna Delores reader!  Check out the Rafflecopter form below to enter this great giveaway.

a Rafflecopter giveaway


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