15 April 2012

weekend in review.

I had a pretty eventful weekend -- typically, my weekends consist of lots of naps, the occasional errand, and, oh yes, food and drink.  This weekend was a little busier than usual, with some extra errands, parties, and dinners out with loved ones.

In addition to a neighbor's birthday party for their one-year-old daughter (it was so cute with its circus theme, I regret not taking photos there!), dinner with my parents on Saturday, lunch with my OC BFFs on Sunday, and prepping my Artisan Group gift for Lauren Conrad (post here!), here's a peek at my weekend via Instagram:

Left to right, top to bottom: (1) Friday night sunset; (2) Friday night drinkies; (3) Saturday outfit, making sure denim jackets are still acceptable; (4) broken brandy glass (sad face!); (5) sexy paintbrushes at Blick art supply in Old Pasadena; (6) Penguin's frozen yogurt for Sunday breakfast; (7) disturbing newspaper article on Sunday; (8) my sweet puppy-dog, Pepper.

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