21 November 2012

life // a day in the life.

I'm quite excited to be collaborating with Laura, Myan, and Elle today.  Myan invited me to participate in their "a day in the life" photo [project? challenge? escapade?], which is supposed to be on the 15th.  I felt like a slacker until Myan admitted that they were behind, too.  :)  I don't even know for sure if they'll be posting today like I am, but here I go nonetheless...

The day prior to my selected "day in the life" (which was Monday, by the way) involved some work on home d├ęcor, as our house was painted a little over a month ago and we never got around to hanging anything on the walls.  So my day started out admiring our handywork from the night before.

A peek into any day in my life would not be complete without these rock stars... Mickey (in the first photo below) is not normally so squinty, but he was being camera shy and this is the only decent photo I nabbed of him before I lost patience and moved on.  :)

Most days, at least most weekdays, are spent at my desk.  I TRY to keep it tidy, but it usually looks more like this:

I've been whittling down our CD collection.  Seriously, who needs CDs anymore?  So they are all being transferred to iTunes and then donated to the library.  I've done hundreds of them.  This is what's left.  I'm slowly but surely finishing them off...

I'm also participating in Dawn's Ornament Swap, so I mailed out these cutie-pie ornaments to my swap partner, Meghan.  We're only supposed to send one ornament, I think, but I couldn't decide between the two of them, and I was still under the dollar limit with both of them, so I went for it.  ;)

In the afternoon I drove down to Temecula to meet Kristen and Josh!  I was excited to meet them both, especially since I'm a regular reader over at Kristen's blog.  We snapped some photos and enjoyed some wine tasting at Longshadow Ranch Winery.  So much fun!  I also made a horse friend.

Here are just a couple of my faves of Kristen and Josh.  And in case all you KV's Confessions readers were wondering, YES, Kristen is as gorgeous in person as she is in the photos on her blog.  :)

Last, but certainly not least, I had to include this photo of creepy Josh lurking behind trees.  Obviously a joke.  We loved it.

After we wrapped up our photo session, we tasted some great wines and Josh and Kristen even bought me a bottle of my favorite of the day: white merlot.  Yummm.

So that's it!  Riveting, eh?  Full post of Kristen and Josh's photo session coming soon!


  1. Wow! That was quite the day. Cool post!

  2. Melting at how cute your pups are!! Also, I love your home! I love peeks into bloggers homes. They're always so wonderful.

    <3 Melissa

  3. I adore your little moments! Even your desk has such great little pieces of charm! And your puppies, so cute!

  4. love how this is personal and gives insite

  5. My desk also tends to look like that....I clean it, but within 10min it is usually messy again. Love the Temecula shoot, so pretty!

    Xo, Courtney

  6. Awww I really love how the photos came out - so thrilled over here!! Your puppies are too cute and I love the photo of your desk space... I wish I had a desk!! The futon is gettin' a little old... ;)

  7. LOL The picture of josh, too good. Kristen, you are such a freakin beauty!

  8. First of all, I think you have a future in puppy photography too because they look so cute! I love Kristen's photos too, she is a such a doll and I adore her. Also I LOVED Seattle so if you need any foodie suggestions, I've got a ton!

  9. You got to meet Kristen?! I am SO jealous right now! The pictures turned out just beautifully Emily, thanks for sharing :) xoxo


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