19 November 2012

life // week in review and a quote.

Happy Monday, friends!  I hope you guys had a nice weekend.  Truth be told, I'm relieved it's the weekday again -- I have lots of work to get done and weekend excitement tends to distract me.  :)  And hey, it's a short week!  Four-day weekends totally rock.

Here's my week in review via Instagram...

1. Boudoir shoot set. Flowers c/o Kissing Bees.
2. The holidays have arrived at Starbucks.
3. Engagement session photo shoot at Point Vicente lighthouse.
4. Peppermint Mocha VIA. Yes, it tastes amazing.
5. Editing wedding photos!
6. Abalone Cove Shoreline Park.
7. Goofing around while shopping with Mom. :)
8. Lovely teacups at Anthropologie (i.e. Mecca).

I am so excited to meet Kristen of KV's Confessions today!  We are doing a family photo shoot of her and her hubby Josh at a winery in Temecula.  I'll be sure to share the images with you ASAP!

And finally, a quote for the day:

A bird doesn't sing because it has an answer.
It sings because it has a song.
--Maya Angelou

I hope everyone's week is off to a good start.  :)


  1. Love those Anthro teacups! As the holidays are now here, I love visiting Anthro just to see what potential gifts they have! And to smell their delightful candles!

  2. I hadn't seen that shark hat photo...SO ADORABLE!

  3. C'mon, did you buy the shark hat? You had to buy the shark hat. Really, how could you not buy that hat?!?

  4. Love that quote! And the shark hat.


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