14 November 2012

random // write it down + link it up.

Today I'm sharing with you my handwriting.  Yep, handwriting.  Because of this pretty lady, Joelle, right over here.  She has AWESOME handwriting (and has a calligraphy shop on Etsy) and she decided she wanted us all to share what our handwriting looks like, since we're now privy to hers.

I was honored and excited that Joelle asked me to photograph the images of her writing that she used for this blog post.  Not only did it mean we finally got to meet in person (we recently discovered we live just 30 minutes from each other, and her office is in the city next door to mine!), but I also got to meet the prettiest little puppy in the land: Ms. Olive Duff!

 Joelle, Olive, and a sweet little puppy sweater.

Joelle has a lovely home, too, and great taste in food: we had a delish brunch in downtown Ventura after chatting and photographing.

Here are the original guidelines from Joelle:

Check out last week's blog post about my visit with Joelle to see a couple more snaps of Joelle and Olive in their natural environments, and of course be sure to stop by Joelle's original post with link-up.  Without further ado, my handwriting!  Yippee!


The quote above from George Bernard Shaw (and forgive the blur in my images -- I was feeling particularly artistic and thus opted for a shallow depth of field) has been a favorite of mine for at least six years or so.  I first saw it on a greeting card.  I just love it; it gives you control over your own life and destiny.  Instead of letting things happen to you, you acknowledge that it is up to you to take responsibility and participate in who you are and who you are to become.  I find this sentiment incredibly inspiring and empowering.

Also.  I do not normally doodle hearts next to my signature.  That was purely for this exercise.

Have you guys linked up with Joelle yet?  The linky party closes this week so join the fun while you still can!  I know the dates below are Nov. 5-9, but Joelle extended the link-up for an additional week.  Enjoy!

Write it Down


  1. gotta love when blogger meets blogger :)
    gah the dog is too cute!! i wish my dog allows me to put clothes on him!
    sharpie ftw!

  2. Such a cute idea and your handwriting looks so cute! It seriously could be a font!

  3. That's such a great quote! Beautiful handwriting too!

  4. Love it! And I smile every time I see that picture of Olive Duff and I. She really is adorable :)

    Your handwriting is fabulous my dear! I agree...it could totally be a font! xoxo

  5. I adore that quote! Beautiful handwriting and beautiful pictures, Emily!


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