28 November 2012

wear // time for tights.

Let's get to the point here: I. Am. OBSESSED. With. Tights.

As soon as September hit and I felt like it was legitimately permissible to wear tights, I unleashed my stash.  I had at least four or five pair that still had tags on them from last year's winter clearance sales.

I really, really hope that tights aren't going out of style anytime soon.  Not only because I've invested, but because I LOVE them.  They're comfy but a little fancier than leggings, they allow me to keep wearing dresses throughout our California version of winter, they look darned cute with boots and booties and flats, and I don't have to shave my legs every day to wear them.  I know, too much info.  Whatevs.

In honor of tights, here are my favorite looks for what's left of autumn, and for our west coast winter, too.  :)

Way to wear 'em #1: bright pops of color (center of attention, anyone?)   Bold-hued tights can completely change the mood of any outfit.  I love the way these ladies have used bright colors to transform their looks in ways I wouldn't have imagined.  I'll be pairing this navy dress with bright pink next time, thankyouverymuch.

Way to wear 'em #2: ├╝ber-neutral (a.k.a. my comfort zone)   Mmmkay, so maybe this makes me a little boring, but I like to play it safe (or I'm just lazy) and 90% of the time, my tights are black.  To be fair, this is in part because I'm often wearing tights to a wedding for my photography work, and bright turquoise just isn't my thing for worky-work time (I don't want to take any attention away from the bride!  Turquoise camera bags are as far as I'll go, heehee!).  Anyway.  I think these examples of how to rock neutral-tone tights are spot on and, really, not so boring after all.

Way to wear 'em #3: pretty patterns.   The availability (and variety) of patterns now available for tights-lovers like myself is almost overwhelming.  Almost.  I have the basic sweater-texture varieties and some lacey friends, too, but I could use some floral print or heart-patterned or something, too.  And I think I need to try this out immediately...

Way to wear 'em #4: do the polka.   My absolute favorite look this year has been POLKA DOT tights!  Everywhere I see polka dot tights, I must buy them.  And when they are "one size fits all," I generally get frustrated.  ModCloth has been guilty of this.  But I can also appreciate that plenty of women are smaller than I, and thus "one size fits all" is not a problem.  So, ModCloth, no hard feelings.  I've also had good luck at Forever 21 and Madewell.

What's the verdict on your end?  Are you a tights-wearer?  And if so, what's your fave?


  1. I love all of these pictures! Definitely am a HUGE fan of tights of all shapes and sizes (errr... patterns and colors?) I like 'em all!


  2. Cuuuuute! I really love the polka dot ones. I don't wear tights as much as I would like to, but I can relate... So obsessed. They look beautiful :)

    xo, Adriana.

  3. I love them every which way! My comfort zone is the neutrals too, but I adore the cute patterns and bold colors!

  4. Thank you so much for this! I love tights but was having trouble adding them into my look... Love all of these styles!

  5. Pinning this for future "tights" inspiration! I love every single look! I wish I had more courage to wear the crazy pattern tights. I'm getting there! :)
    Found you on The Pleated Poppy!

    With Love,

  6. I love all these tights!

    I really, really want to get a few cute pairs. So far, mine are pretty neutral. I have some fun textures and patterns, but only in basic colors. I'd love some brights pairs.


  7. I just bought the yellow tights you showed here. So far I have wore them once. So outside my comfort zone

  8. fun! I need some colored tights now! popped over from wiww

  9. LOVE this post!!!
    Im actually wearing very fun patterned tights in my WIW post today! I've been on a tights kick myself. I recently bought myself some red, yellow, and gray tights as well as some bow patterned and musical note pattern tights (which Im rockin' in today's post)! I REALLY want some cute polka dots ones. :)
    Definitely going to pin this post for reference to cute ideas. ♥
    Also now I NEED to check out the DIY heart tights post!! MUST TRY. haha


  10. just pinned 3 outfits LOVE these totally cute!

  11. I don't own any tights, but I think I need to! I probably wouldn't try the bright colored or most patterns, but the neutral and polka dot ones are perfect!

  12. LOVE this post! thanks for including me!! :)

  13. Love love love! I really need more tights in my wardrobe!

  14. This is maybe my favourite post of the WEEK! ohmigosh I love tights. Loooove. :)

    Newest follower!
    xo Katie

    Loverly She

  15. I love this post! Everyone looks great with their tights! I'm still trying to get used to bright tights. I haven't tried floral tights yet but I LOVE polka dot tights!
    Jeans and a Teacup

  16. I am also a tights wearer! I do all of them: brights, neutrals, patterns and polka dots. My favorite are probably my polka dots (I have three different pairs!). :)

  17. I love that you featured other bloggers!


  18. Oh, I love all the inspiration you pulled together for this post! I am totally a tights-wearer this year. Not so much in years past, but I'm not looking back. Leggings and tights, all the way!

  19. I definitely am a tights wearer! Today I am rocking grape purple tights :D

  20. I'm just so in love with tights too. It's such a basic and must have in any women's arsenal, but now it's taken on a whole new... mind of it's own! It comes in amazing colours and prints and fabrics. It really has the ability to change you're entire look and style.

    Such an inspiring post, thank you!

  21. Awesome post! I'm obsessed with tights. I'm so inspired by so many of these looks. And that you so much for including little ole' me. :)

  22. Cute post on all these fab tights! I go more towards the neutrals too, I'm worried how colors and patterns will look. But I'm definitely leaning towards being braver now, thanks to you!

  23. what a fun post, friend! honored to be included in such a fabulous bunch! rock on those wild and crazy tights!


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