26 November 2012

lacquered up // hello, kitty.

I decided to throw back to my seven-year-old self with this Mani Monday post!  The seven-year-old self who loved Hello Kitty and dragged her parents to the Sanrio store at the mall (and had to get dragged out herself once, when she threw a tantrum because Mom said "no" to something... yeah, that was me).

Anyway.  I got these press-on nails at Target weeks ago (they're not online anymore but I saw them at a Target store just a couple of days ago) for $3.99 and have been so excited to use them.  I decided going all-out Hello Kitty with my manicure might be overkill, so I employed my favorite method: the accent nail.

Now.  As cute as these nails are, I've gone through four incarnations of them in the last two days.  Their sticking power is quite pathetic.  I could've used nail glue to better secure them, but I was just being lazy.  So, if you're committed to keeping your kitty-inspired mani, I suggest using your good ol' nail glue. 

Instead, I tried the other style that came in my press-on nail kit (see photo to the left).

I was pretty impressed about how well my hot pink Sally Hansen polish (No Chip 10 Day Nail Color in Perpetual Orchid, no longer available) matched the Hello Kitty color scheme!  I also decided to add another accent on my thumbnail in white (Sephora by OPI in A-ha! Moment), just to keep things interesting.  :)

Now, if I could just find some My Little Pony press-on nails...

What favorite childhood character would you wear on one (or all)  your nails?


  1. Aw this is cute! And Hello Kitty can be for any age - not just 7! :)


  2. I love how these turned out - bright and cheerful for the dreary days ahead!

  3. Adorable! You cracked me up going all out with hello kitty!! So pretty & girly, LOVE!

  4. That's so cute. I love that Hello Kitty is still around after all these years!

  5. So cute! When and if you find the My Little Pony ones, get at me! :)

  6. Um, my 24-year-old-self still loves Hello Kitty. I also saw these at Target, but my boyfriend steered my away before I could grab them. I might have to go back without him in order to pick some up, because I love the idea of just one accent kitty! So cute :)


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