30 November 2012

ModCloth holiday shopping.

I was SO. EXCITED. to get the mail today!  I ordered my long-coveted Coach Tour Dress from ModCloth during last week's Black Friday extravaganza.  And those ModCloth boxes are just so exciting--so festive and happy!  Like pretty much everything else on their site.

I sometimes get angry at ModCloth because everything they sell is so darn cute and I'm always crushin' on something.  Even when an item I really, really want is sold out, I can add it to my "let me know" list and they'll send me an e-mail the minute it's back in stock.  LOVE!

My next ModCloth purchase is going to be a fancy party dress for the annual holiday cocktail shindig that I co-host with my friends.  I think my biggest problem is going to be choosing just one... can I get some feedback from y'all on which one is "hostess with the mostess" appropriate?  Because otherwise, I might end up with at least five dresses... and I don't think my wallet can take it.  Besides, I need to save up for when these shoes are back in stock!

If you're searching for a holiday party dress yourself, ModCloth also has a great new lookbook for just the occasion.

Oh, and someone mentioned to me the other day that this is the season of giving or something?  I'm always hunting ModCloth's accessories and "apartment" sections for great gift ideas, so scoot on over for some gifting solutions to your already-has-everything best friend.

Worst-case scenario, they have gift certificates, too (totally on my stocking stuffer wishlist, if anyone is interested... hint, hint...).

Happy shopping (and, seriously, help me pick a dress!) and have a wonderful first weekend of December!  Yippee!


  1. I'm pretty much obsessed with ModCloth, too. They can do no wrong in my book! My favorite dress above is the black(?) one with the off-the-shoulder sleeves. But they're all gorge!


  2. New reader!

    I'm obsessed with dresses - loooove the ones you posted!

  3. I love that black off-the-shoulder dress! Modcloth is the best!

  4. I love all of these - beautiful Christmas party inspiration! I think I see the off the shoulder one on you. I also really love the long sleeved lace dresses - so gorgeous and classic! I just went to Ross yesterday and bought a cocktail dress for $14 - it's so fun trying them all on. I feel like it's prom all over again. Thank God I'm a girl :D

  5. Seriously- the red dress second from the bottom on the right. I die. It is positively amazing! So gorgeous! I love ModCloth, and one day I will own something from them. <----broke mama. Sigh.


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