05 November 2012

random // quote of the week + handwriting

Just checking in quickly today to share an excellent quote, in some gorgeous handwriting, courtesy of the lovely Joelle over at Something Charming!

writing by Joelle Duff | photography by Anna Delores

Joelle and I finally got to meet in person last week; we live about 30 minutes from each other, so we got together to snap some photos for her handwriting link-up (now live!), go to brunch, and chat about our mutual love of weddings.  PLUS, I got to meet Olive, Joelle's super-sweet Chihuahua and Italian greyhound mix.  Olive joined us for brunch, enjoyed her ride in the car, and showed off the cutest puppy sweater ever:

Check back later this week (maybe even later today, if I get my sh** together enough to get those photos done!) for my handwriting post; in the meantime, check out Joelle's link-up and join in the fun!


  1. Love her handwriting! I agree with Chelsea, can I please learn to write that gorgeous?

  2. Just saw that linkup and I was tempted to join in! Maybe? My writing is not nearly so pretty, though- hers is unbelievable! I always wished I could have handwriting like that.

  3. It is really awesome how fine is that handwriting and I really love that quote it always remember to fight and go on when I'm not sure.

    Olive xox

  4. Aw I absolutely adore you both! Joelle is such a sweetheart. And god do I LOVE her handwriting! P.S. Might be down south weekend of Nov 17-20th. I will be car-less in Anahiem though....


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