07 November 2012

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Anyone who has been following this blog for at least a few months knows about my love and awe of Mark and Candice of Mark Brooke Photographers.  I've featured them in most of my wedding photography posts (here and here) and profiled Alex and Beau's wedding, which was photographed by Mark Brooke Photographers.

Candice and fellow photographer Molly Snelson (also featured a few times here on Anna Delores, via Mathieu Photography) recently founded Cloud Parade, a place to find, share, and snap up all the bits and pieces for your perfect wedding.  These curated collections are simply beautiful, and I highly recommend keeping an eye as Candice and Molly grow this lovely new site (their taste is impeccable!).

Candice and Molly are doing a phenomenal job of hyping the new site with tons of pretty, romantic, charming ideas via Instagram. I highly recommend you start following them now for regular doses of inspiration (whether you're en route to your wedding day or not!).  Here's just a taste of the loveliness:

Follow Cloud Parade on Instagram via @yourcloudparade, and, of course, be sure to check out the website.


  1. Oh how beautiful !

    Love Chrissi xo


  2. What a beautiful site! I can't wait to play around with it more :)

  3. These are so inspiring. :D



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