06 November 2012

life // happy election day + week in review.

image courtesy of Melissa at Bubby and Bean

Happy election day!  It really does feel like a special day to me.  California (where I live) is always a "sure thing" in the presidential race, but that doesn't mean I'm not super psyched to have the ability and the freedom to cast my vote.  

I wouldn't exactly describe myself as a devout patriot, but I do understand and appreciate how lucky we are as Americans to have the right and freedom to participate in politics and the way our lives are affected by our country's leadership.  

Lots of people around the world do not have these rights or freedoms and will fight and die for them.  We really are so fortunate, and that makes me proud to live in the United States.  And I can't always say I'm proud to live in the United States.  :)  But today, I am.

NOW!  On to my week in review (which now seems insignificant and dull by comparison to the grandeur of this day.  Sigh).  That said, I photographed a RAD wedding this weekend and then went to the Patchwork Indie Arts & Crafts Festival in Culver City and FINALLY met Julie!  We've been scheming for a rendezvous for months and we finally made it happen, albeit briefly.  Big plans for an actual lunch date once the holiday season is through.

Here is just a sample of the images I took of the lovely bride and groom on Saturday:

I cannot tell you how happy it made me to be part of the celebration with this couple.  They are the real deal!  They are just so in love and yet so down to earth; they are romantic without being cheesy or irritating (haha!) and are truly best friends.  They can be themselves with each other and it's obvious that they genuinely make each other happy.  They are a lovely, lovely couple and I wish them all the happiness in the world (and a blast on their Jamaican honeymoon next week!).  A huge THANK YOU to them for allowing me to be part of their wedding day.

I gotta say... I really can't believe it's my job to hang out at weddings and take pictures.  Two of my favorite things.  Plus creating awesome memories on the happiest day of this couple's new life together.  Swoon.  How lucky am I?

And here are some of the highlights from Patchwork!  Biggest takeaway from the day: Julie of Julie Ann Art is just as rad in real life as she is on her blog (and if you haven't checked out her hilarious greeting cards in her Etsy shop, you are seriously missing out).  :)  I love this photo I snapped of her and her man at her booth on Sunday!

Creepy (and by creepy, I mean awesome) friends at Patchwork (it's Julie!)

The Patchwork show hubbub.

The Fresh Fries truck was at Patchwork!  I regret my failure to take advantage of the opportunity.

Z took this picture; apparently I am a dangerous pedestrian (and a hot mess, day after wedding).

Finally, general highlights from the week...

1. Rockin' my Firmoo glasses (also pre-haircut, obviously. Look at those crazy bangs!).
2. Location scouting for the wedding!
3. Freddy's Halloween raincoat.
4. Mickey's a sharp dresser.
5. Looking over their e-session and getting excited for the wedding!
6. Redhead (I'm more excited about it than I look in this photo!)
7. Helms Bakery in downtown Culver City for Patchwork.
8. Starbucks. 

Phew!  I sort of just accosted you guys with an onslaught of photos.  I would apologize, but I am a photographer, so it's kinda my thing.  So there.  ;)



  1. Such great wedding pictures! Happy Election Day :)

    I'm having a giveaway on my blog if you're interested :)

  2. You never look like a hot mess ya crazy. I love seeing your wedding photography girlfriend! :)


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