25 November 2012

holiday cards from Minted

I've been asked by a few folks about the brand I like to use when it comes to recommending "Save the Date" cards or wedding invitation suites.  I am super-picky when it comes to the coveted combination of quality + customer service, and there are a select few who make the cut under those standards. 

One of those companies is Minted.  And, since it's the season of holiday cards (with which Minted also excels), y'all might be interested in taking advantage of their Cyber Monday sale goodness: on Monday, 11/26, Minted's holiday cards will be 15% off, plus score art prints and other gift-worthy goodies for 25% off.

I'm more familiar with Minted's "Save the Date" and wedding suite collections, considering my line of work (I love their "Save the Date" cards with my clients' engagement images in them!), but just a peek at their holiday collection and I'm already smitten with their consistently glorious designs.  They have options for photo and non-photo holiday cards, so literally something for everyone who wants to send out some kind of holiday greeting via snail mail.

The envelopes and skinny wrap address labels are included in your card order, too, so you're totally all set once you select and customize your card.

And, I'm sorry, but how cute is this "year in a nutshell" card?!

Let me know what you think of their cards (and art printsGreat gifts, guys!).  Happy shopping -- I hope you got lots of loot for Black Friday, whether online or braving the brick-and-mortar stores (that's courage, people.  Courage and dedication).

Please note: this is a for-profit blog and I am a member of the Minted photographer program.  Some of the links above are affiliate links that generate a small commission for me, but I do not endorse brands or products that I don't believe in--the recommendations are genuine and I wouldn't suggest anything that I didn't think you would love, too! 


  1. Le sigh, I will always be a fan of Minted! Gorgeous graphic designs!

  2. I love every one of these! I admit I spent a pretty penny on my invitations. I couldn't tell you now where I got them, but I picked a premium design. I just couldn't go with an standard invite! Invite design has come a long way in the past six years, and I like how personal they have become.

  3. Such BEAUTIFUL designs, Definitely checking out minted now!


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